Device Request Waiver

Phones For Patients - Recipient Donation Waiver

(This is a copy of the body text for the Phones for Patients device donation waiver form that donor organisations will be asked to sign after submitting their device donation pledge)

The team behind Phones for Patients want to say thank you to everyone at the National Health Service and all UK care homes for the difficult and selfless work you are all undertaking in the fight against COVID-19. We feel privileged to be able to support you.

Device Donations

Phones for Patients will gift electronic devices for your patients to use in order to communicate with family members, friends and colleagues during this lockdown. By accepting these devices, you acknowledge that:

  • The donors of the devices have confirmed to us that as far as they know, the devices they gave to us are in good working order. But the devices are given to you with no commitments or guarantees that the devices are in any particular condition.
  • The devices and associated services are provided free of charge, and you will not claim against us if anything goes wrong with the devices or services.
  • Phones for Patients are donating these devices and services to assist the NHS and care home organisations with their work to tackle COVID-19. You recognise the goodwill and spirit behind these donations and will not sell the devices to anyone. At the end of the service, you may give away the devices to your staff, patients and residents only.
  • Where a device is faulty, please let us know and if we can, we will provide a replacement.
  • As the devices are provided on a voluntary basis we exclude all liabilities that we can legally exclude.

Thank you once more for all of your hard work and we hope these devices are of assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Holloway
Chair of Trustees
Phones for Patients

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