Questions for Requesters

Thank you for your interest in receiving some of the generously donated devices.

The first step once your request has been acknowledged will be a short scoping call where Bridgeway will ensure that both you and ourselves are fully prepared for a smooth transition of devices.

Receipt and Management

  • Who is the lead contact for this project ?
  • Where do we send the devices?
  • Who onsite will be looking after this project day to day?


  • Do you have resources ready to PAT test the chargers and cables ?

Device Deployment

  • Do you have a preference for device type/operating system (Please note that supply is entirely dependent on the equipment donated so this is just an expression of preference, not that any specifics commitments can be met)
  • Will the devices be issued on a 1-2-1 basis or be shared around a ward/home?
  • What WiFi are you connecting these devices to?
  • Does the WiFi require MAC address registration or any other special consideration?
  • Does the WiFi have any bandwidth or filtering restrictions?
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